Ares Design Give Lamborghini Huracan Complete Cosmetic Makeover

I have never heard of Ares Design but now that they have created an exclusive package for the Lamborghini Huracan, they are on our radar. The company has been founded by former Lotus boss, Dany Bahar, and resides in Switzerland. They have recently created a kit for the Huracan which features the following changes; front bumper which has larger air intakes and carbon fibre blades, side skirts, whole new rear facia and some extreme looking exhausts. I cannot quite make up my mind about it but I think it looks pretty damn cool for now (especially the rear). If you want, you can also pump up the output from 610 horses to 650 thanks to an ECU tweak and if you want to dig deeper, you can also opt for a lightweight titanium exhaust.


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