Cutting-Edge Automotive Technology – What Should New Buyers Look For?

Choosing to purchase a new car is something that many dream of being able to do. Having, right at the end of your fingertips, the best in technology, design, style and performance, is a truly great feeling, one that is also marked by simply how interesting it can be to sit in a new car, enjoying all of the hi-tech gizmos that so bolster the experience of driving modern vehicles. Knowing which cutting-edge technologies are the best out there can be a time-consuming endeavour to ascertain though; to help, here are some of the hottest technologies, and why you should look for them when investing in a brand-new auto.

Hand Gestures
Whilst many drivers (particularly Italian drivers) will be well versed in using one’s hand to communicate with other motorists whilst on the road, there’s an upcoming technological development working its way in to current cars that is set to allow drivers to communicate with their cars in very much the same fashion. Turning the air conditioning or radio volume nob with a mere twist of the fingers, selecting screens on the car’s navigation panel, and swiping through a set of directions are all being developed as ways to improve the driving experience, however whether or not the system is context sensitive, reliable and actually better than physical or touch controls, remains to be seen.

In-Car Wi-Fi
EE’s new Buzzard device lets drivers and passengers use the automobile as a remote Wi-Fi hotspot. Great for long car journeys with children, the system plugs simply in to the cigarette lighter and acts as a router for passengers. Imagine being able to enjoy your favourite games at Euro Palace, one of the most popular online gaming sites of the now, especially amongst online- and mobile-orientated gamers. Sat in a tedious traffic jam, the realisation dawning that you’re slowly using up drips of ever-expensive fuel, users of the Buzzard could simply pop out their smartphone, log in, and get playing all of their favourite casino games. Roulette, poker, slots; whatever one’s purview, those petrol dollars would soon be recouped at Euro Palace!

Self-Parking System
Parallel parking is perhaps the most Marmite-like issue within the entire automotive scene. Long, drawn out and, for some, downright perilous, slipping the car in to a space can be hair raising to say the least. Thanks to new self-parking systems though, parking miseries will soon be resigned to the past. All you need do is find a space, select the parking manoeuvre, and accelerate or brake gently. The car does the rest!

What space-age technologies do you want to see in upcoming car releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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