Hans Dahlback Gets One-Off Lamborghini Aventador Built By Squadra Corse Team

Hans Dahlback owns Dahlback’s racing which is one of the biggest tuning shops in Europe and he has recently just been delivered a one-off Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. He managed to convince the Squadra Corse division to build him a custom Aventador and it has been spotted out on the roads recently by a member of the GTboard. The supercar sports a new front bumper with restyled air intakes, a revamped rear fascia and a large race car-inspired rear spoiler. The wheels have been finished in matte black and they are covering some bright orange calipers. Nothing it known about the performance numbers but I am guessing they were improved considering Hand is the owner of a tuning shop after all. I think these add-on’s look fantastic and make the angry-looking Aventador furious.

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