King Price Covers You Regardless of E-Toll Account Status

Many of you are pulling your hair out when it comes to the whole E-tolls saga and some just carry on with their business as if they do not exist. Not paying your E-toll bill can result in you having to pay a hefty amount when it comes to renewing your vehicle license disc as your E-toll account needs to be paid up before you are issued a new one. What is this hefty amount? Well you simply double your outstanding balance and that is what you will have to pay. This is going to cause people a lot of stress and grey hairs but when it comes to King Price Insurance, your E-Toll bill makes no difference to them.

King Price’s take on E-Tolls makes mention of another very important note. If you are not up-to-date on your E-Toll payment, then you can expect a delay in getting your licence renewed which puts your insurance cover at risk. This is not the case with King Price as you will still be completely covered while dealing with the admin of settling your E-toll bill and renewing your cars license. This does not mean you can keep motoring happily without paying your E-tolls because you will eventually need to get a new license by law so by paying the E-toll account every month, you keep costs low and reduce the hassle when getting your new vehicle disc.

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