Lumma Design Reveal Angry CLR G 800 Based On Mercedes GLE Coupe

Lumma Design has been a bit quiet of late but alas we get the first images of their CLR G 800 which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is based on the Mercedes GLE Coupe and as you can see it features a very aggressive wide body kit. This includes;

  • a new front bumper
  • extended wheel arches
  • revised side skirts
  • carbon fiber hood
  • front lip spoiler 
  • carbon fiber intake ducts.
  • aggressive rear bumper
  • a carbon fiber diffuser
  • exclusive 24-inch alloy wheels
  • carbon fiber rear spoilers 
  • stainless steel sports exhaust system with black tips

It is quite a list but as you can see it has completely changed the cosmetics of the car. They are also busy with a performance package which will allow the model to pump out 640 horsepower. Is this kit a hit or miss?

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