Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashed In Bryanston Johannesburg South Africa

Last week we saw the fate of a Ferrari 458 Spider, Mercedes-AMG GT S and C63 S and today we learn that a beautiful Ferrari 458 Speciale has suffered the same thing in Bryanston. According to witnesses, the driver of the Speciale was driving well above the speed limit on Whitney Road in Johannesburg when things went wrong. The car left the road and crashed into a residents wall causing extensive front end damage to the supercar. No other information on the incident is available but I am assuming driver (and passenger if there was) got out with no injuries thanks to the airbags. The damage to the car is fairly significant and there may be some heavy damage underneath the car which could call for insurance to write it off. I really hope this is not the case as we need to keep all the Speciale’s in South Africa on the roads. The incident happened on Saturday evening (12th September) and the surrounding residents are calling for speed bumps to be installed to prevent something like this happening again.

[Photo’s: @EMER_G_MED]
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