Renault Megane RS Has Massive Rollover Crash On ‘The Ring’

Losing control of your car at any point is a frightening experience but losing control of your little Megane hatch flat out on the Green Hell must be a whole different level. The driver of this RS found out one of the hardest ways possible. The incident was captured on a dash cam by a car that the Megane RS was overtaking and as you can see in the video, the driver has already lost control prior to overtaking the dash cam car. What happens next will scare any of your hardened track humans because the Renault slams into the track fence, causing it to flip and then role multiple times. This is one of the bigger crashes we have seen this year but not quite as violent as the Porsche GT3 Cup car we saw yesterday. There is no official info on the crash but apparently the driver has survived as it was mentioned “the driver is well under the circumstances.”

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Heftiger Unfall Sonntag auf der Nordschleife. Einige unserer Teammitglieder waren ja vor Ort. Dem Fahrer soll es den Umständen entsprechend gut gehen.Auf diesen Weg noch mal beste Genesung.Überschätzt euch nie auf dem Ritt durch die grüne Hölle, es passiert so schnell was.Quelle:
Posted by BMW Outcasts NRW on Monday, September 21, 2015

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