The First Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Looks Rather Menacing

Well known Japanese tuner, LB Performance, has once again presented the very first Liberty Walk body kit fitted to a raging bull. The bull in question is the Huracan LP610-4 and initial impressions are pretty promising. It is equipped with an enormous front splitter, side skirts with vertical fin, a new rear diffuser, a carbon fiber ducktail rear spoiler and the characteristic wider fenders. To complete the cosmetic overhaul, they fitted some 10-spoke wheels, new suspension system and a loud Frequency Intelligent exhaust system. What do you all think about this widebody kit for the rapid little bull? One thing I do not like about this kit is that you cannot return it to normal if you sell the car on or get tired of the kit as there is a lot of bodywork that gets cut during the fitment process.

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