Patience Pays Off – 918, P1 and LaFerrari Comparison Test Coming Soon

TopGear couldn’t make it happen so we thought it would never happen but alas TheSupercarDriver has managed to end all the speculation and put them on a track together for a proper comparison test. What you see below is just a teaser of the video as the full comparison is coming in November but at least we know it is on it’s way and the hypercar trio battle will be done! Mat Jackson takes all 3 of the cars around Silverstone on the same day in the same conditions so there can be no bickering from any manufacturers or owners once the results are out. All three of the cars are being loaned by Mr. Paul Bailey who was actually the first person in the world to own all three of them. Tyres for these do not come cheap at all especially when you are hammering it around a track but if you want cheap quality tyres, check out

So, who do you think will win in the end? Let us know in the comments below.

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