Full Carbon Ferrari F12tdf Is Ridiculous

Petrol heads are absolutely loving carbon fibre these days as you see components manufactured in carbon and even entire bodies made from carbon. Well the crazy crew from Vitesse AuDessus are now offering a full carbon fibre body for your bonkers Ferrari F12tdf. It is called the Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin Limited Edition and they are only going to make five of them. If I am brutally honest, I don’t see any F12tdf owner fiddling with the car this much but if you did decide to do this, you could shave off nearly 160 kg compared to the standard car. This package includes specially designed carbon fibre wheels to make the car a real head turner. What is nice about this package is that you get a 5 year guarantee on the panels and wheels and if you want to go back to stock it can be done by simple changing the panels.

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