Mr. Pagani Does Not See Hybrids In The Company’s Future

We all know now that the leading supercar manufacturers around the world have adopted the hybrid technology and have them on the market today. Horacio Pagani has revealed that at this stage, it will not be introducing hybrid technology in its cars. When he recently spoke to Top Gear, he said that  he isn’t a fan of hybrid cars at the moment and doesn’t think the technology is ready to be used by super sports cars. “I don’t like hybrid cars at the moment, the technology is not ready. A sports car must have, by definition, the lightness as one of the features, the batteries and the electric engines are to heavy at the moment to justify the use. So at the moment I don’t see and hybrid application in our cars, but this is just my decision, let’s see how the technology will be in the next few years.” – Horacio Pagani

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