Track-Only McLaren 650S Sprint Arrives In South Africa

We knew it was coming we just did not know when so now that it has officially touched SA soil I can share some pics and info with you all. It takes all the epic bits from its GT3 sibling and turns a regular 650S into a track beast (not road legal). The same carbon fiber chassis is underneath, as is the twin turbo 3.8-litre V8 pushing power to the rear wheels. The intakes have been reformed, and both the engine and transmission get remapped ECUs for track duty. You also get a revised radiator, tweaked front bumper, rear wing and some epic nineteen-inch center lock wheels. If you want, you can option up for a lightweight windshield and an aero pack with a new rear wing and front splitter.

Inside the Sprint you get a stripped out cockpit with only the bare essentials which means you get to see a lot of carbon fibre and alcantara along with an FIA-approved cage, six-point racing harness and carbon fibre bucket seat. One nice feature about the car is that you get air-conditioning too as we all know it can get damn hot on track days. Local pricing is not known (guesstimate R6 million) but it would set you back £198,000 in the UK. This car is not for sale and belongs to McLaren South Africa.

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