What To Do Immediately Following A Car Accident

Nobody wants to think about the dangers of being involved in a car accident. However, thousands of them happen every single day, and so you need to be prepared. Failing to follow the right processes could mean you end up in trouble. Also, you’ll struggle to get the compensation money without suitable evidence. With that in mind, you need to read this article carefully and remember the advice. You never know when a car accident is going to happen, and you will have to put it into practice. Most people make the right moves out of instinct, but it’s still worth going over everything for those who won’t.

Make sure your passengers are okay
Before you do anything else, you should check that everyone in your car is okay. Speak to them and ensure they don’t need emergency hospital treatment. You’ll need to call an ambulance straight away if there are any serious injuries. Try not to move the person until trained medical crews arrive because you might cause more damage. So long as your passengers are in good health, you can move to the next step.

Check the other motorists are okay
We’ve all seen how horrific car crashes can become. That is especially the case if there was more than one vehicle involved. Presuming you’re crashed into another automobile, you’ll need to check if the driver is conscious. Also, take the time to ensure his passengers are okay too. Don’t get angry, even if the smash weren’t your fault. Everyone makes mistakes, and the other driver probably didn’t crash into you on purpose. It’s much more important that you concentrate on the safety of everyone involved.

Move to a safe location 
Next up, you need to move everyone to a safe location. Your cars might be in the middle of the road, and that means there could be more trouble ahead. Once you find a safe location, you should all the emergency services and let them know about the incident. In most circumstances, they will send an ambulance and some Police officers to investigate. When the emergency services arrive, you should let them check you for injuries. Adrenalin if a funny thing – it can make you feel fine when you should be in a lot of pain. It is possible that you might have broken bones of which you are yet to become aware.

Give the Police an accurate report
The description of events you give to the Police will form the basis of your court case. Make sure you don’t tell any lies or leave out important information. You will get caught in the end, and all your other statements will be considered untrustworthy. Lying to the Police is also a criminal offence for which you can get arrested. So, try to offer the most honest and accurate version of events possible. There might be discrepancies between your story and that of the other driver. However, there is nothing you can do about that, and the Police will have to deal with the matter.

Contact your insurance company 
Contacting your insurance company is vital because you need to let them know about the incident. You’ll also have to swap details with the other motorist so you can provide all the information they require. With a bit of luck, your provider should arrange for the car to be fixed or scrapped depending on its condition. Again, make sure you tell the truth and don’t try to pull the wool over their eyes. Insurance companies spend thousands on investigations in situations like that. So, you’re certain to uncover any mistruths.

Go straight to the hospital 
You should ask the ambulance crew of Police officers to take you to the hospital as soon as possible. It’s important that you undergo a thorough medical assessment. You might have to see multiple doctors and wait around for X-rays. However, that’s an essential part of your claim. Make sure you ask for copies of any reports made, and take photographs of any obvious injuries. You should continue to take more photographs every day for the next few weeks. That will help to show a judge the progression of your injury if the case goes to court.

Inquire about video footage
Most people aren’t going to crash on an area of road that is covered by video cameras. However, people who have accidents on motorways are often in luck. You are legally entitled to obtain any video footage from the correct authorities. So, it’s wise to get in touch with them as soon as possible. Getting your accident on film will make it much easier to provide which driver was to blame for the smash.

Find a motor accident lawyer
Car accident compensation is a tricky area because you need proof you weren’t to blame. That is why fighting the case yourself is a bad idea. You need to seek a legal expert with a lot of experience in the industry. People who work in that role will know how to get the best results quickly. Even so, the average compensation case can take more than one year to reach its conclusion. Don’t make the mistake of trying to represent yourself to a judge because you don’t know what you’re doing. Leave the job to experts who specialise in that area of the law. There are many of them around – just search online!

Following that process to the letter will give you the best chance of success after an accident. It’s sometimes difficult to lay the blame because there isn’t enough evidence. That said, making the right moves should help to tip the scales of balance in your favour. Always ensure passengers and other motorists are not injured before you worry about anything like that. Human lives are more important that money or arguments. Try not to become too enraged if someone smashed into the side of your car when you were driving sensibly. As we said only a moment ago, everyone makes mistakes. Both parties will go through a traumatic experience. Don’t make it worse by flipping your lid.

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