Could You Be Stranded For Days And Survive?

Earlier this week a 50 mile stretch of interstate in New York was closed after 2 crashes on the icy roads. While the shut down only lasted 3 hours, some motorists may not have had enough fuel to keep their car running and thus stay warm. In a separate incident in Denver, a woman’s car slid off an embankment into the dense forest; she was discovered by hikers SIX days later.

Icy roads, blizzards and falling snow aren’t the only things that could leave you stranded on the black top, struggling to survive. Earlier this month San Diego drivers were stranded on city streets due to flash flooding. One Cadillac was floating upstream in the current, spinning as it went. Authorities quickly shut down the streets until the flood waters subsided.

Regardless of the cause, getting stranded is not on most people’s bucket list. But, it can happen. At that point, you only have one goal – survive. Are you equipped?

Could You Be Stranded For Days and Survive

Graphic by Atlanta Lockmasters

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