BMW M2 Looks Even Better With All M-Performance Goodies Attached

Just as we share a whole bunch of pics of the new BMW M2 in MotoGP Safety Car guise, we see the full range of M Performance parts the general public can add to their hot little Bimmer. The range includes aerodynamic components made out of carbon-reinforced plastic, sportier exhaust systems, options for the suspension and the brakes as well as new parts for the cabin.

Aero: Front and side attachments, rear diffuser and mirror caps made out of lightweight CFRP provide for better aerodynamic performance and more aggressive look.

Exhaust: M Performance offers a flap silencer system which offers a more intense aural experience from the turbocharged engine. Two operating modes are available via Bluetooth remote control, Sport and Track. Sport mode is intended for road use while Track raises the volume and character of the exhaust sound.

Suspension: M Performance springs drops the ride height by at least 5mm when compared to the standard suspension with owners able to further lower the car by an additional 20mm. The adjustable shocks offer 16 levels in the rebound stage and 12 in the compression stage, allowing the driver to tailor the setup to personal preference.

Brakes: Track-day lovers can opt for the sports brake pads from the range, which offer higher resistance to thermal stress, meaning minimal to no fade even under extreme use.

Cabin: LED door sills and floor mats are a nice addition but the main offering is the two different steering wheels: the M Performance which has a race display and carbon fibre trim and the M Performance Pro which features Alcantara on the rim, a harder foam body for better grip, a light blue central marking at the 12 O’clock position and an optional open-pore carbon fiber trim element.

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