Confirmed: Aston Martin And Red Bull Will Be Making The Ultimate Hypercar

We heard rumors last year about a possible collaboration between Aston Martin and F1 constructor Red Bull but now they have confirmed that they are working on a project to design and build “the next generation hypercar”. Insiders are saying it will be superior in acceleration, top speed and circuit performance to any road car ever made, and likely to be superior to all but the most focused race cars.

It will be badged as an Aston Martin but currently known under codename AM-RB 001, the car will be created in a dedicated design studio at Aston Martin HQ and less than 100 cars will be manufactured by the Q division. Pricing is expected to be between the £2-3million mark and the first cars are estimated to reach their owners by 2018. A mock-up will be ready in a few months to show potential customers. This is seriously exciting news and if you want to read more about what all the parties had to say, head over to the article on

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