Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition Yours For Just R100 Million

The Lexus LFA is quite easily one of my favorite cars of all time thanks to the mental sound track and the fact that the 4.8-litre V10 pushes out 560 horsepower. When the car was launched, it was selling for around $375,000 (R5 million) so it was not cheap at all. Then came a more track-focused variant, the The Nurburgring Edition that was more powerful and even more expensive and one of them is up for sale. The ridiculous part of this story is that the asking price is $7 million making it about 15 times more expensive than the price of a brand new one. It has been signed by the CEO of Toyota Motor Company, Mr. Toyoda, but that does not make this car worth $7 million. Yes the Nurburgring Edition was a bit more powerful and limited to only 50 units but that is one insane price and I highly doubt anyone will part with that sort of money for this car.

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