Mercedes G500 4×4 Overtakes Offroad At Over 100 KM/H

Many cars nowadays are extremely capable off-road with their fancy stability and all-wheel drive systems in place and judging by this video, the G500 4×4² is right up there with the best. The camera car was doing 100 km/h which means the G-Wagon was doing something well over that speed. I would not recommend anyone trying this as it takes just one miscalculation to flip that monster.

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Best overtaking by the Mercedes G500 4×4²
Best overtaking by the Mercedes G500 4×4² :)) in speed 100 km/h :))Ať už je to virál nebo není – každopádně pěkné předjetí :)) s Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes-Benz Česká Republika #G4x4 #Mercedes #Gwagen #AMG #Shmee150 #G5004x4²zdroj:Michal Pelinka
Posted by Magazín ProDriver CZ on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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