Nissan GT-R Nismo Breaks World Record For Fastest Drift – 305 KM/H

Earlier in the week we saw a teaser clip of Nissan’s beast known as the Nismo GT-R claiming to have broken a record well now we know what it is and its not as exciting as we thought. They used a specially-tuned 2016 GT-R developed with the help of Nismo specialists and it was piloted by Masato Kawabata. He is the Japanese drift champion and title holder for the Japanese drifting series and he managed to drift at a speed of 189.49 mph (304.96 km/h) at a 30 degrees angle. The car used in the stunt was tuned to 1,380 horsepower and adapted so all the power went to the rear wheels.

“Once again, Nissan has broken a Guinness World Records title and has made international history for the fifth time in the Middle East,” Samir Cherfan, managing director of Nissan Middle East, commented. “The Nissan GT-R is one of the world’s most iconic supercars, proving time and again the incredible breadth of its capabilities, and has clearly demonstrated its performance leadership by beating the best drift cars out there. The fact that this achievement was set here in the UAE makes it even more special for our region. Setting this incredibly difficult world record was a clear demonstration of the excitement we are bringing to the Middle East with the Nismo brand.”

There is no video available just yet but as soon as there is one, it will be posted.

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