Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar To Cost R58 Million – More Than 200 People Have Expressed Interest

As you may have thought the upcoming hypercar from Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing codenamed the AM-RB 001 has generated a lot of interest but according to IBT, at least 200 people have shown interest in the 100 unit production run. What makes this so staggering is that the car is likely to have a price tag of £2.5m (€3.30m, $3.66m, R57.8 million) which will make it the most expensive road car in British history. The car was displayed at a secret location in Monaco over the weekend to high-profile clients who had purchased either the One-77 or Vulcan. The deposit amount required to secure your car will be £250,000 (around R5.8 million) and interested buyers will need to pay this in June. The first cars are scheduled to be delivered in late in 2018 so we will have to be patient to see this mental creation.


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