BMW i8 Offered In Radical Individual Colours in UK

When BMW launched the i8 back in 2014, they did not allow customers to send the car to their Individual Program but one can now order their hybrid sports car from a number of new colours if you live in the UK. BMW’s new Individual colour collection will be priced upwards of £5,495 in this UK where it will include Java Green, Speed Yellow, Solar Orange, Twilight Purple Pearl, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black, San Marino Blue and Grigio Telesto Pearl, among others. You will also be able to choose from a variety of finishes; metallic, non-metallic and Xirallic finishes, which use a mixture of synthetic mica or aluminum flakes that ends up producing what BMW calls “scintillating effects.” If you do not want to stand out quite so much, you can opt for a matte finish but sometimes this can have the opposite effect. Which colour would you go for?


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