BMW M2 Pumps Out 520 HP With Massive Rear Wing and Carbon Lip

Right so we back with another post on the BMW M2 and as you may have worked out, it is proving to be a worldwide success. The team from Laptime-Performance managed to get their grubby paws on one of these little Bimmers and immediately too it to Mcchip-DKR for a new ECU mapping. It takes the power output of the N55 engine from 365 hp to 512 hp which is an awesome 147 hp increase. Along with the power bump comes an increase in torque of 115 Nm to a new figure of 580 Nm. A new exhaust system was fitted and other changes include a huge carbon fibre lip up front as well as new 20″ OZ Leggera wheels, KW Clubsport coilovers, Recaro bucket seats and an adjustable rear wing on the boot. The car looks like it wants to devour the tarmac so why not have a watch below to see what it can do.

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