DMC 488 GTB Orso Looks Dangerous Packs 777 HP

The Ferrari 488 GTB really does lend itself to the aftermarket specialists thanks to the twin-turbo layout and DMC’s latest project proves just that. In stock form the V8 pumps out 661hp but DMC’s Stage 1 kit cranks it up to 777hp and 865 Nm of torque. This was obtained by simply replacing the standard exhaust system and performing an ECU flash.

Since it is DMC, they pay particular attention to the cosmetics too and the changes are fairly comprehensive as you can see in the images below. It has been called the DM 488 GTB Orso and the kit includes ‘a sword and a spoiler’, supported by vertical fins, for the front bumper, new aero-skirts for the side, and a revised diffuser and a new rear wing at the back. In the interior, every 488 GTB Orso will be tailored individually for each client, using an array of Italian leather and carbon fibre.

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