How To Watch ‘The Grand Tour’ in South Africa [Updated]

As you all know by now, the old ‘Top Gear’ trio have parted ways with the BBC and have linked up with Amazon. Last week we found out that their new motoring show would be called The Grand Tour but plenty of you have been asking how we will watch it in South Africa. The show, which has a reported budget of £4 million per episode, will be hosted from a big tent in a different country each week and Amazon has already commissioned three series of 12 episodes.

Assuming you will want to watch it live then you will need to be signed up with Amazon Prime to get access to Amazon Video. The problem comes in when Amazon Video is ‘not available’ in South Africa because Amazon can detect you are not located in the US/UK. As with all things online there is generally a way to get around this and we will explain how. It consists of setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to trick the service provider into thinking you are in the US. This application allows you to connect to a VPN account which provides a new IP, according to the server’s location.Once the connection is established you appear as a foreigner, you have access to all geo-blocked websites and you can now watch Amazon instant videos outside USA.

1) Sign up with Amazon Prime Video here – First month is free then $8.99 per month
2) Head over to VPN Traffic and sign up with them. You may choose one month, three months or even a full year which we suggest as it is only $35.
3) Login to VPN Traffic and select a US server location
4) Download the software
5) Switch your IP
6) Connect to Amazon Video

If you don’t want to watch it live or you want to save some cash, then you can probably download it the next day via Torrents.

UPDATE: Thanks to a loyal reader we have been informed that the Opera internet browser now comes with a FREE VPN which means you will only need to pay for the Amazon Prime portion…

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