Liberty Walk Now Offering Widebody Kit For Your Ferrari 360

We all know what Liberty Walk are capable of when it comes to the widening of cars but for the most part, they have stuck with slightly more modern supercars. Things are about to change as they are now offering an outrageous styling pack for your old Ferrari 360 Modena or even your F430. Liberty Walk’s own press release boasts it has “set out to create a true ‘love it or hate it’ design statement that will truly divide enthusiasts!”

You want one of theses kits? They are available in a wither GRP or carbon fibre with the latter adding on a bit of a premium to the price tag. Around £14,000 plus VAT for the GRP kits and £17,000 plus VAT for the carbon version. Both include front and rear bumpers, skirts, arch extensions etc. If you want the big wing at the back (which should be the case) you can add another £4,000 or so. To complete the overhaul you mat want to install the AirREX suspension which will set you back in the region of £5,000. Complete kit in carbon will whack your wallet with about £26,000 which is the equivalent of R600,000.

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