Ford Unveil New Focus RS To Great Fanfare

There’s been a lot of noise from journalists about the latest incarnation of the Ford Focus, the RS. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a negative review – and many are saying it’s one of the best cars ever made. We thought we would take a look at the RS and see if it’s worth the hyperbole or not. Strap yourself in and let’s get started.

A brief history
When you consider the Focus – and Ford in general – you are probably thinking reliable, steady, and good value. Unspectacular might be a good turn of phrase, too. But, it wasn’t always like this for Ford. Take the Cosworth RS from the 1990s for example – probably the US manufacturer’s last great car. Well, it’s clear that the history buffs at Ford have been looking at that excellent set of wheels. And, they have decided to doff their hats by re-imagining the RS in the Ford Focus.

It’s an interesting choice. While the Focus has always been a good seller – and a good car – it doesn’t set the imagination running wild. In many respects, it has always been a nice, mainstream vehicle for average tastes and sensible drivers. But, make no mistake about it, the RS is bringing a lot of new ideas to the table.

The upgrades
First of all, the researchers at Ford have come up with one of the most technically advanced four wheel drive systems on the market for the RS. It makes the new Focus a dream to drive, and gives it a sporty edge that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

The engine is a 2.3-litre Ecoboost – the same engine as the American Mustang. It gives you an impressive 345 brake horsepower, which is serious stuff for the price you will pay. It’s also great for taking around corners, thanks to the incredible Drift Mode.

The price
It’s the price of the new RS that makes it an incredibly appealing car. You can buy a new Ford Focus from around £14,000 at the moment. So, you would expect the RS to be a lot more. Well, it is – but not as much as you might think. The RS will be on sale from around £31,000 – still a lot of money, of course.

But, given the new Focus has so much potential and drives a lot like a car double its value, it’s going to be interesting seeing what happens next. Could Ford pull off a major success much like the 1990s Cosworth? It’s possible.

The conclusion
Early reports for the new Focus RS are encouraging. And, it seems that many reporters are keen to get one as soon as they come out. It’s not without its problems – and it certainly won’t be for everyone. But, it could well turn out to be a game changer for Ford – their first for the past 30 years or so. We would think that on release, there will be many people getting involved with these. Let’s just hope when it goes on sale it lives up to the hype.

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