Great News For Chris Harris Fans – Top Gear Giving Him His Own Internet Show

We have all come to love Mr Chris Harris’ video clips on YouTube but now that he is employed by TopGear these have come to an end. Until today that is! TopGear have announced that he will be getting his own Internet show and it is called The Drift. This is pretty much what us as petrolheads wanted from the very beginning and if his past video’s are anything to go by, these are going to be even better!

“Obviously I’m thrilled to be making beautiful films like the F12tdf piece for the Top Gear television show,” says Chris, “but the longer-form, more detailed web films I’ve made with Neil Carey over the years remain my natural format, and broadcasting them through TG’s huge online audience is a dream come true. If you want to know even more technical details about cars, hear more in-depth analysis, I hope we’ll be the perfect destination. I want the films to be just as they were on Chris Harris on Cars. With added slow-motion slides.” Head to the TopGear link above to watch the seriously DRIFTY preview.

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