Is This A Hotter BMW i8S? Some Features Sure Seem To Indicate It

A BMW i8 was recently spotted cruising the streets of Munich and there are a few features on the car that points to a facelift or a higher performance i8S model. The most obvious of these is the rear glass hatch with new cooling vents which could indicate higher cooling power for increased performance. The glass has been blacked out to hide what is under there but the rumors swirling around the Interwebs suggests that it will pack something between a 525 hp and 590 hp hybrid system which would make it a very serious machine! The car wears wider tires, new wheels, and new brakes which happen to be an AP Racing competition braking system with vented rotors. There seems to a small aero lip fixed to the edge of the hood vent too. This is all speculation for now but where there is smoke there is fire and we think this is going to happen.

[Source: Bimmerpost]
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