RevoZport’s GTZ 650 Gives AMG GTS Presence And Proper Power Hike

We saw the renderings of the RevoZport kit for the AMG GT a few weeks back but now the tuner has shared some pretty epic images showing just how angry it looks on the real deal. Not only did they slap on a new aero kit but RevoZport’s tuning program for the AMG GTS ups the output of its 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 from 502 horsepower to a whopping 650hp. This comes thanks to a new ECU mapping, a titanium exhaust system and a free-flow intake system. The aero kit consists a new front splitter, front canards and either a duckbill rear spoiler or fixed GT wing. RevoZport also offer carbon front grille and mirror covers if you feel the need to add these.

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