Lamborghini’s CEO Believes The V12 Is Here To Stay

Lamborghini has been known for it’s use of V12’s dating back as far as the first 350GT and now all the way to the current Aventador but will it disappear with emission regulations getting stricter? According to Lamborghini’s new chief executive, Stefan Domenicali, the V12 is capable of meeting these regulations and it will stay.

“Our niche is small and it is sometimes easy to run off following everyone else, like in football: all the players run off following the ball. That is a mistake that we do not have to make. In the short term, there is still a lot of development potential in the V12. Of course, we need to understand what the market is doing in terms of emissions and legislation, but I don’t see that will be a problem. We are always very open to how the market might evolve,” he said.

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