Want A Ferrari One-Off? You Will Need To Wait Until 2021

It seems for many supercar owners and more so collectors that the ‘regular’ production models just don’t cut it anymore. Well Ferrari is one of those companies willing to cater for the uber-wealthy collector clients thanks to it’s One-Off program and if you would like to start building your own bespoke prancing horse, then you will need to wait until 2021 for the next availability. The Italian manufacturer only builds three one-off’s each year and if you do the maths, that means we will be seeing 15 one-off’s (including the 458MM Speciale) before the year 2021. “Of course, we believe that our cars can live in a nice museum or a private collection, but we prefer every single car to be on the road. So, whether we talk about the standard road cars or the One-Off projects, we tend to push our clients to bring their cars to life. It is really important,” Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s commercial director, said.

[Source: AutoCar]

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