Driver Rescued From His Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Moments Before Bursting Into Flames

Thanks to some civilian heroes in Chicago the driver was pulled from the wreckage of his Lamborghini Huracan just moments before it caught fire.

“Dramatic footage posted on social media shows the moment that a group of heroic rescuers pulled the injured driver from the wreck. As the group makes its way towards the back of the wreckage, the engine catches fire. It appears as though the rescuers were able to save the driver with seconds to spare.” – CarScoops

Witnesses told NBC 5 that the Lamborghini was hit in the incident, and the collision sent it toward a pole on the side of the street which resulted in the car splitting in to two pieces (what it is designed to do). The precise circumstances of the accident and condition of the occupant remains unclear but one report mentioned the man (pulled from the car) was concious at the time.

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