Overfinch Supersport Takes Range Rover Sport SVR To New Levels

When Land Rover pulled the covers off the Range Rover Sport SVR I thought you couldn’t get a more bad-ass Rangie but as always someone will want more and that is where Overfinch are stepping in. The Range Rover Sport Supersport from Overfinch was revealed this weekend at the Salon Privé in the UK and it takes the SVR to another level. They reduced the weight, optimized the breathing and ‘enhanced’ appearance inside and out. The carbon hood trims 11 pounds, a new intake system provides 30 percent more cooling, and a titanium exhaust that’s both 24 pounds lighter than stock and also reduces back-pressure by 60 percent. The rest of the aero kit is all made from matched woven Carbon too. Only 25 examples will be made priced from £179,990 and if you want this launch car finished in Ariana Grey you will have to part with £198,990. That makes the Overfinch Supersport more than twice expensive as the regular Range Rover Sport SVR.

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