Dodge Dealer In North Carolina Ordered 99% Of All 2017 Vipers Remaining

A Dodge dealership in Salisbury, North Carolina are claiming to have ordered almost all remaining 2017 model year Vipers. The dealership known as Gerry Wood Dodge has ordered 135 units of the Viper which apparently represents “99 percent of remaining production”. Among these 135 units there are three unique special editions too. The first is the ACR Solid Edition which is based around the Viper GTC but get’s all the ACR’s aero components. Restricted to just 18 units, it is painted white and includes a number of carbon fibre options. The second is the A/E Solid Edition which is also based on the GTC but it is fitted with the Advanced Aero package and will get red exterior paint. The last unique model coming into Gerry Wood Dodge is the Viper Black Stripe Edition of which just six will be built.

According to Brad Wood from the dealership, “When it was finally confirmed that the Viper was going to cease production, I felt an obligation as a fan, owner, and Dodge dealer to help others experience the rare privilege of experiencing this amazing machine.”

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