Driven | Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2

Some people think I have the best job in the world and when I get behind the wheel of a 572 horsepower Italian supercar, I would have to agree.

Having driven the Huracán LP610-4 Coupe and Spyder, it was now time to see what the slightly less powerful, slightly lighter rear-wheel drive LP580-2 was made of.

Firstly the cosmetics of the RWD car compared to it’s AWD sibling gets the nod in my books. The rear is very similar but it has been given a slightly refreshed look when comparing the two. The front is where the magic happens as the newly-formed large front air intakes transforms the appearance of the car. This particular car had the styling package which adds black accents to the front lip / chin spoiler making it look very much like a baby Aventador. Having said this, based purely on looks, the RWD ‘baby’ Lambo would be my selection.

Inside the supercar it is exactly the same as the AWD which is good as it feels like you are in a jet. Flicking up the red start stop cover to fire up that V10 is just something you cannot get tired of. Pulling the massive paddle to engage 1st gear is something you cannot get tired of. Flicking the driving mode into Sport or Corsa is something you cannot get tired of. This car (and all Huracan’s) are absolutely addictive.

Before I collected the car to test, I read a few reviews online about how the LP580-2 is slightly less comfortable compared to the four-wheel drive version but unless you drive them back-to-back you will not feel a difference at all. In fact this car in Strada mode (normal) and automatic gearbox is one of the easiest supercars to drive of all time. Hit the highway, pop the cruise control on and it get’s even better. You glide along the tarmac with hardly any noise behind you and your insides are not even remotely jumping around.

The ANIMA switch on the steering wheel is the best switch in the cockpit as it allows you to transform from a civilised city-driving car to an all-out neck snapping rocket. This mode called CORSA stiffens the suspension, sharpens the throttle response, open the exhaust flaps but more importantly changes the gearbox setup. In the other two modes, the gear change is absolutely flawless and you flick through the gears like it’s nothing but in CORSA mode, the shifts are hard and give you a nice kick in the backside which takes you back to the older Lambo’s with single clutches and I absolutely LOVE this.

Pop it into THRUST mode on a nice dry grippy surface and you will be doing 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds flat (see video below). It’s more than enough to get the blood pumping through your petrolhead veins and so addictive that you will do it again and again. When I first heard about the RWD Huracan I thought to myself that there would be a lot of incidents as nearly 580 horses channeled only to the rear would be too much to handle but it is not at all. Not once while I had the car was I intimidated nor did I feel the back end trying to get away from me. It is 32kg’s lighter than the AWD thanks to the removal of the front differential and if you want you can get the back out but you have to try hard with ESC off and if you are not on a racetrack I would not recommend this at all.

Is the Huracan the perfect everyday supercar I was asked? I can’t answer that honestly as I have not driven all the new supercars but I can confidently say that it is right up there. Would I choose this or the four-wheel drive brother? If I could have the styling of this on the LP610-4 platform that would be my choice but since this cannot happen, I would select the LP580-2 as my Huracan of choice. That is until the Superleggera arrives 😉

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