New Mercedes-AMG E63 To Pack A Whopping 603 Horses

Rear-wheel drive will be killed off for the next generation E63 AMG but do not worry if you like to hoon your sedan as it will come with a Drift Mode too. Sources at AMG confirmed to AutoCar that the upcoming four-wheel drive E63 will be sold with the choice of two different power outputs. The E63 will offer 563 hp and the E63 S will pack a stonking 603 horses. The new E63 will also receive a new nine-speed version of AMG’s SpeedShift automatic gearbox along with a four-wheel drive system as standard for the first time, consigning the old seven-speed Speedshift gearbox and rear-wheel drive layout used by earlier incarnations of their performance saloon to the history books.

The powerplant will of course be the new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 so we can say bye bye to the 5.5-litre turbocharged V8 in the current car. Thanks to the increase in performance numbers, the 0 to 100 km/h sprint will apparently be dealt with in just 3.5 seconds (E63 S).

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