11-Year-Old Spends R83 Million On License Plates

License plates fetch huge numbers around the world but the UAE is where the biggest numbers are being hit. Usually the people doing the bidding are grown men but that is why this story is worthy of a post. The ‘man’ behind spending $5.9 million on three license plates in Abu Dhabi is just 11 years old. Thanks to a reader over at CarBuzz, the video below was translated for us to understand what he spent that money on and which cars are going to receive the plates. One of the cars is a Porsche and one of them is a G-Wagon. The plates he purchased were; 11, 7, and 1111. Plate 7 cost him a cool $3.6 million. We all know it is not his money but more like daddy’s money but the story seems to be correct that he was the one doing the actual bidding.

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