Good Habits: Taking Care of Your Car for the Long Run

A lot of people don’t treat their car very well. They may appear to, but there are a lot of small things you need to keep in mind in order to maximize the longevity of your ride. After all, why put down so much money for something that’s only going to last you for a few years? You want to squeeze every drop of life and functionality from your car to get the most out of your purchase.

So here’s a brief but essential guide to some of the things you’re going to have to do in order to keep your car running for as long as possible. Some of them may be things you know about but still haven’t gotten around to turning into a habit yet. Some may be things you had never thought about.

Keep your car maintained

Yes, this is the one you’ve probably heard a million times. But not enough people keep their car in top condition by doing frequent but basic maintenance work! Never underestimate the importance of getting your car checked over on a regular basis. It can stop severe problems forming over time. And those problems are the ones that will end up costing you a lot more money than whatever the cost of maintenance will be. If you don’t have the skills, you can get maintenance performed at any good auto repair business.

Reducing weight

How much weight your vehicle is carrying has an effect on its functionality. You’d be surprised how much effect on your car’s performance a seemingly insignificant amount of weight can have. So you should do your best to minimize the amount of weight in your car. If there’s anything superfluous inside, get it out. If there’s mud on the undercarriage, clean it off. And not driving around with a full tank of fuel can actually help a lot, as well. The amount of fuel that’s in your tank has a bigger effect on your car performance than you may think!

Considering your speed

The speed at which your car is travelling at any given time can also have a big effect on its longevity! The faster you go, the more pressure you’re putting on the vehicle’s mechanisms. It also uses an absurd amount of fuel above a certain level. For example, the leap in fuel use between 55 mph and 65 mph is much larger than you’d think it would be. So, whenever possible, keep your driving below 55. It may be tempting to go faster when you have the choice, but the fuel use may not be worth it. Also, keeping your speed as consistent as possible can also be a great help.

Clean it!

Finally, you need to make sure your car gets a good wash and wax on a regular basis. You’d be surprised how much small bits of dirt and granite can damage your car exterior over time if it’s not removed. Every trip you make in your vehicle will result in some dirt production which can cause long-term damage to the paint and even the frame. Keep it clean!

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