Motor Must-Haves: Don’t Leave Home Without These Devices in Your Car

Cars are part of our everyday lives. They carry us to work and back, we ferry friends and family around, and we use them to pick up our lovely dates. However, is your car well equipped for every situation? Unless you have an extremely expensive car that has all the latest technology and gadgets, it’s unlikely that you’ve got something prepared for every situation.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a couple of ideas for new purchases that you can add to your car. Equip your vehicle with some fun and practical technology so you can get the most out of each drive.

Dashboard Camera

It doesn’t matter how safe of a driver you are, a dashboard camera is a necessity. Record everything that goes on in front of your car so that you can help provide evidence for crashes that you are involved in, or accidents that happen near your car. If you’re convinced that the accident wasn’t your fault, then you’ll have video proof that can help your case.

Dashboard cameras can be quite pricey if you want a lot of features. However, a simple one isn’t very expensive and can save video to inexpensive external data cards. They usually have multiple options so that you can record high quality video that takes up more storage space, or lower quality videos that take up less space. You can even get dual-camera setups for the rear of your car as well, but those will cost you a bit extra.


If you drive when you go on a night out with friends, then you might have the unfortunate role of “designated driver”. If you aren’t allowed to drink as well, then you’re probably not going to have as much fun as your friends. You can beat this curse by buying a cheap breathalyser to put in your car.

It’s legal to drive if you have a tiny bit of alcohol content in your blood, and the most accurate way to check is to use a breathalyser. As long as it’s below a certain threshold (differs by country and city) then you’re safe to drive as long as you feel up for it. Even if you are stopped, a law firm will give you proper peace-of-mind for your DUI case. Give them the breathalyser results, and you’ll be fine.


If you have a modern car then you’ve probably already got a GPS installed into the computer systems in the car. However, for everyone else, there’s the option of either buying a dedicated GPS device, or using your phone. If you decide to use your phone, it’s worth investing in a phone holder that can attach to your dashboard, windscreen, or clip onto fan grills. It makes using your phone for various tasks much easier, and it’s less likely to steal your attention away from the road.

If you decide to buy a GPS device, then do some research into the features you need. Geo Settr is one great site for you to check out for when looking for the best car GPS device. It features everything that you need to know when looking for the perfect GPS device.A cheap GPS is fine for most cases, but if you want it to tell you vocally where and when to turn, then you’ll need to invest a bit of extra cash.

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