NextEV Reveal Their Record-Breaking 1340 HP Electric EP9 Supercar

Electic car company NextEV has finally taken the covers off their record-setting EP9 supercar which boasts 1341 horsepower from it’s electric motors. Record setting because it posted a Nurburgring lap time of 7:05,12.

“Today we launched our electric supercar that broke the record at the Nordschleife,” said NextEV founder & chairman William Li. “The NIO EP9 was born to push limits and is the first stage of automotive production for NIO. It is a statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities. It is a best-in-class product that showcases what is possible with electric vehicles.”

So what is providing this insane performance? Well the NIO EP9 packs four high-performance motors with four individual gearboxes pumping out a total of 1 MW. Its 777 V full electric powertrain also produces an instant peak torque of 1,480 Nm at the motor and a whooping 6,334 Nm at the wheels from 0 to 7,500 rpm. So what are the performance numbers like?

  • 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds
  • 0 to 200 km/h in 7.1 seconds
  • 0 to 300 km/h in 15.9 seconds
  • Top speed of 313 km/h
  • Charge in just 45 minutes
  • Electric range of 427 km

In terms of looks, the EP9 comes with a full length floor diffuser, a front adjustable splitter for downforce during cornering, an active rear wing with 3 positions (park, low drag, high downforce) and bespoke wheels with carbon inlays.

In total, the NIO EP9 can generate 24,000 Newtons of downforce, which is twice as much as a Formula 1 car.

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