Porsche 911 R For Sale in Florida For R10,7 Million

A few weeks back we heard of a Porsche 911 R being sold for R7.8 million which was already an astonishing number but the example you see below has been offered up for grabs if you can part with $750,000 (approx. R10.7 million). The MSRP of the three-pedalled German machine sits at $184,900 making this car an incredible four times the price. To put this in perspective, you can buy a low mileage Porsche Carrera GT for the same sort of money and I know what most of you would choose. The car in question is a plain white example without the signature stripes present which in my mind makes this car worth less. Someone crazy enough will probably end up buying this car but I can’t fathom buying a 911 R over a damn Carrera GT.


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