Car Becoming A Drain On Finance? These Saving Tips Could Help

Cars can sometimes seem like a constant drain on our finances. You need to pay for insurance, tax, wear and tear, MOT, batteries, the list goes on and on. Sure, they can cost a lot, but we put up with it for the added convenience a car offers. Yet, there are lots of ways you can actually save money on cars instead of having to shell out all of the time. You can save money in various areas of your car that can amount to hundreds a year just by being a little bit more diligent and taking the time to make sure you’re getting your monies worth. Here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Accept The First Parts Offered By A Mechanic

If you get your car fixed then a mechanic will likely suggest parts that they will procure to fix your vehicle. Never get the most expensive ones. They cost you loads, but the mechanic will get them at trade prices. Sure, you may want the better stuff for your car but actually think about whether you need it or not. Sometimes the cheaper parts are just as good for your car as the more expensive materials and all you need to do is ask whether there are cheaper options available, don’t just ask for the bill and settle, question it. You can probably find cheaper parts elsewhere too, there are always deals to be had, such as this advance auto parts coupon code. Buy them, then take the parts to the mechanic, they won’t mind because they’ll still get money for labour costs.

Always Change Insurance Provider

Each year your insurance will automatically renew, giving you the option of continuing with your current provider or swapping to another. You need to be on it, because if you don’t do anything it will automatically renew at a higher price. Even if the price they offer you is lower, you still need to get some quotes from other providers because you could save even more money or get more for your money such as breakdown recovery. The best way to do this is to compare all the prices against each other and see which best suites yourself. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save and often people find themselves saving hundreds. Start your comparison here.

Be Weary Of All Dealerships

Dealerships are where you can save the most money. So you’re buying yourself a new car and like the look of one at a local dealership, that’s fine, people do it every day. But there are so many things you need to bear in mind. Always haggle. No exceptions. You can always knock the price down by hundreds if not thousands. If for some reason they really can’t take any more money off the car then you can have some additionals thrown in like new tires. If you don’t urgently need a new car then remember they cost more money during different times of the year. A sporty convertible for example will cost more in the summer, a big SUV more in winter, so purchase them at opposite times for a greater saving. Question everything, and if you don’t think you’ll need an add on tell them you don’t want it. Be firm, and really make sure you get the best deal and don’t get ripped off.

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