Check Out The First BMW M2 Convertible In The World

We know that BMW has confirmed that they will not be cutting the roof off the highly successful BMW M2 which made the purists happy but for those who secretly wanted it to happen, you can turn to Dahler Dsign & Technik for some help. What you see below are images of what is believed to be the very first M2 Convertible that has taken a year for the Swiss outfit to pull of but it looks fan-blady-tastic. The car is made slightly heavier to keep structural rigidity up to standard but because of this, this drop-top M2 comes with a power upgrade.

You can choose two different states of tune with this car. One pumps the output of the twin-turbo inline-six from 365 hp to 402 hp, while level 2 gives the baby-M 419 hp and a sub-four second 0 to 100 km/h time. There is a stainless-steel exhaust system to give it a better soundtrack and a new adjustable coil-over suspension can be used to lower the little Bimmer.

There’s no word on how much Duhler wants for its BMW M2 cabrio, but it did reveal that it would be delighted to fit a S55 engine from the M4 in case customers wanted “the pure enjoyment of fresh air with even more understatement.” Any takers?

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