Could This Be The Only Fire Orange BMW M4 GTS In The World?

We found out that BMW produced slightly more M4 GTS customer cars than they said they would but who the hell cares. If you have got your hands on one, then consider yourself lucky. There is one that stands out well beyond the rest though and that is because it is finished in the insane Fire Orange hue from the BMW Individual program.

According to BMWBlog, this is the only Fire Orange M4 GTS in the world and knowing BMW only offered the GTS in four colours, the owner/buyer must have had to pull some serious strings to get them to do this. To complete the styling on this car, the buyer went for the optional carbon wheels and then the regular GTS features such as the pull-out spoiler, the adjustable tailgate, the distinctively shaped bonnet and the OLED taillights. What do we think about this paint job for the track machine?

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