DTM Champion Given Special Java Green BMW M4

For those in the know and for those not in the know, Marco Wittmann was victorious in this years DTM championship and since he drives for BMW, he was awarded with this specially prepped M4 Coupe. Java Green really does wonders on this car but this M4 Coupe is far from stock as it has been fitted with an array of components from the BMW M Performance Parts catalog, including new side sills, rear spoiler, carbon-fiber rear diffuser and a gloss black front grille.

“My new company car looks great and is a really fantastic drive. The color suits me very well, because I love being on the road in a slightly more conspicuous car. BMW M Performance Parts refine the already awesome BMW M4 Coupe and turn it into a valuable and unique one-off.” said Wittmann.

On a side not, Wittmann won in 2014 too which makes him the first BMW driver to win two DTM titles, and the youngest double champion in the history of the series.


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