Want Your Child To Pass Their Driving Test? Read No Further

Driving means freedom. Everybody knows it. Your child’s ability to drive makes their life, and indeed your life much easier. You can probably remember how nervous you were when you took the test and learnt to drive. There are varying ways in which you can help your children pass their tests, each parent will be better at different things so choose the one you think you can do best and give it a go. Before you know it, you won’t be playing anymore roadtrip games in your car, but theirs instead.

Take Them Out In Your Car

You need to have a certain mental toughness to help someone drive. Remember, their instructor has his own clutch and brake, so you need to take them out once they have been on the road a few times and know the basics otherwise your car may be left needing Auto Repair. If you think you’ll get super nervous, try taking them to somewhere like a business estate first where there won’t be any other cars around. Or, if there aren’t any near you, a car park. Doing this allows your child to get more time behind the wheel, they’ll need all of this experience to pass their test and giving them a helping hand at this stage could save you having to book repeat tests down the line. There are other methods of help if you don’t feel you have the nerves to do this.

Revise With Them

The theory test is another annoying part of learning to drive. Your child will have to remember various aspects of car maintenance and the green cross code. Sitting down with them and helping them revise and learn these questions can be the difference between passing and failure, and who knows, you may learn a thing or two yourself. There are many books and websites that can help them revise too, buying a cross section of these will build their confidence and help them pass.

Show Them The Car’s Innards

If you’re more of a hands on kind of person then you can show your child how a car actually works. At the beginning of their practical test there are usually asked one or two maintenance questions and knowing how the car works can greatly increase their confidence. Tell them about the fluids a car needs to run properly and how to add these fluids to the engine. Teaching them how to check tyre pressures, tread depth and how to fill the car with petrol are also vital skills that won’t just help them pass their test but be better drivers.

Drive The Test Routes

Knowing the ins and outs of a test route can really help your child pass their test. If they know the twists and turns inside out it can only be beneficial. Their driving instructor will do this, but if you drive them to, leaving the learner in the passenger seat they can take in everything the route has to offer. There are many differing routes so make sure you get the instructor’s best opinion of which it will be and drive it often.

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