McLaren 650S Transformed Into Mini P1 GTR Thanks To Liberty Walk

It’s safe to say that the outlandish kits produced by Liberty Walk really turn heads. For some people it it is for the right reason and for others it is to say WTF (why the f#ck). We have seen what Liberty Walk can do with a McLaren 650S but this particular one has been given a very well-known paint scheme. Yes if you have been keeping up to date on the supercar and hypercar news, this is the paint job from the first track-only McLaren P1 GTR. Not only does that paint scheme scream GTR but so does the enormous rear wing.

Other modifications enjoyed by this 650S include a custom front splitter, extended side skirts, a new rear bumper and a custom diffuser. There are also a set of distinctive forged wheels from 3SDM that include black spokes and brushed chrome lips.


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