Write the Cheque for Repairs before Your Car Writes Itself Off

Paying the money now for repairs that you know, deep down, that your car needs can save you spending double the amount when things get worse, and save you even more by saving your from a potential write off. It sounds logical, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, however, a lot of car owners would rather see their car stop altogether than stop at a garage and get their motor fixed. Car owners would rather pay the price of having a broken or even no car, rather than pay the prices asked by their mechanic for a simple repair. It’s time to stop this, and listen to your car’s needs, before it’s too late and it’s too far down the road of repairability.

If you don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of a road with a broken down car, you don’t want to find yourself without a way to get yourself to work in the morning, and importantly you want to minimise the potential damage to both yourself and your fellow drivers, then you should learn how to recognise indications of serious problems so that you know when to take your vehicle in for a checkup by a qualified mechanic. One of the first indications that there could be a serious problem with your brakes, for example. can be seen and felt when the vehicle does not stop as it should. If your car’s stopping distances seem to increase then this will ultimately mean longer braking distances, which then could result in an accident if it is not attended to properly and promptly. Similarly, if it seems that your vehicle is moving to the right or the left when you apply the brakes, they could be grabbing: a problem that occurs when the brakes suddenly engage when steady pressure is applied to the brake pedal. As soon as you feel as if something has changed with your braking circumstances, you must act quickly in bringing your vehicle into a garage so professionals can determine whether or not you need brake repair. The sooner you seek to have the problem rectified, the more likely you are to save money on the repairs.

As well as the brakes, your car’s mechanical transmission should be fixed as soon as problems occur. There are a number sounds to listen out for when it comes to your car’s transmission that, if you ever hear, should lead you to seeking transmission repair. Although it’s hard to tell exactly what  to listen out for because each model of car produces a different one, things out of the ordinary are a good place to start. Any whining, buzzing and humming that you don’t usually hear mean that something is wrong. Manual transmissions will emit sounds that can only be described as being ‘more mechanical’ and re much louder and abrupt, such as a clunking sound when gears are shifted. More transmission problem signs can be sought here.

The moral of this motor story: repair your car before it becomes a car despair. Why wait until it’s a write off, when you can just write out a small cheque? Make sure to use mechanics that you can trust, however, so that you know that the cheque you’re writing out is as small as it possibly can be.

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