5 Examples of How a Bad Exhaust Can Affect Your Engine Performance

You use your car every day and are well aware of the value your vehicle offers you. Th
e vital role your car plays is contingent on several different things. The exhaust in your car plays a certain role which in turn affects the engines performance. The exhaust system also lessens the noise while you drive, and also protects you from carbon monoxide fumes which are potentially lethal. As websites like https://vpexhaust.com can show you, Ignoring a cars exhaust is not a good idea as there at more than a few dangers that can face you potentially.

Danger 1- Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A car with a leaky exhaust system is bad enough, and a hole in the right place can be toxic. It’s quite possible that carbon monoxide would indeed enter your car if such a leak should appear. With the windows rolled up you can actually perish if you’re in the vehicle. You will still feel extremely sick even if the windows are rolled down.
Danger 2- Low Fuel Economy: Performing correctly is what we expect from our engine, but it needs a working exhaust system first for that to happen. A leaky or otherwise damaged exhaust pipe will reduce your gas mileage significantly.
Danger 3- Poor Performance: In order for your engine to run smoothly and in the right way it is necessary to have a back-pressure exhaust system. A significant leak somewhere in the system will reduce the backpressure your car needs which will negatively affect your engine’s performance. It is very common to experience such symptoms from the vehicle like:

  • Spitting and sputtering- Don’t mess around with any foreign noises when it comes to your vehicle.
  • A lack of power- This will be hard to miss unless it’s a very small lack of power, but a generally this could suggest a leak
  • Stalling in a worst-case scenario- Hopefully you avoid anything dangerous, but knowing this could happen might prevent an accident later. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.)

Danger 4- Check Engine Light: When you see that little yellow light flick on be grateful because that’s a sign something needs your attention. Your exhaust will trigger this light to come on and stay on until your system is back up to snuff again. The longer you ignore the check engine light the more you rob yourself of time to see what’s going on. Also realize that you won’t be notified again if something else changes, so it’s best to look quickly.
Danger 5-Emissions Testing: It almost goes without saying, but all vehicles must have a working exhaust system as this is required to pass emissions testing. Not passing the emissions test means not being able to drive anywhere until the issue with your car has been repaired.
Final Thoughts: The potential dangers that are intrinsic to not taking the necessary measures to protect your vehicle far outweigh the simple solution to follow the guidelines in this article. Checking to make sure things are running smoothly with your vehicle will save you valuable time, energy, and money! Not only do you get to drive a well-maintained automobile you get to protect your health in the process too!

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