Aston Martin Hypercar AM-RB 001 Getting V12 Cosworth Engine

It has finally been confirmed as to who the partners are for some of the main components for this truly mind-warping machine. The heart of the AM-RB 001 will be a 6.5-litre Cosworth V12 engine that is mated to a seven-speed gearbox supplied by Ricardo. These components will be attached to a carbonfibre Monocell that is provided by longstanding Aston Martin partner Multimatic.

To get the expected 900 horspower output, the hypercar will be hybrid driven using an F1-inspired energy recovery system (ERS) to harvest kinetic energy from braking, with electric car maker Rimac supplying lightweight hybrid batteries.

  • Braking will be handled by Alcon
  • Bosch will supply the ECU, traction control unit and electronic stability programme systems
  • Wipac has developed the LED headlights and tail lights

Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey said of the partners: “Much like Formula One, designing, engineering and building a car like the AM-RB 001 is a massive team effort. To achieve great things you need to surround yourself with the best people.

Experience, creativity, energy, diligence and perfectionism are absolute must-have qualities in every area of the project. Having great technical partners such as those working with us is both reassuring and motivating. Together we aim to produce an innovative piece of engineering art.”

As a reminder, the AM-RB 001 will be built in a total of 150 units for the road and 25 track only versions. No pricing has been revealed but a figure of between £2-3 million is likely. First deliveries are due in 2019.

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